• VOROTEK™ is now available in Canada

    January 11, 2019
  • The high-quality VOROTEK™ products are now available in Canada. These include the VOROTEK™ LED Headlight, VOROTEK™ O-Scope, VOROTEK™ L-Scope. Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr. John Vorrath. For over forty years Dr. Vorrath has been developing and manufacturing fully integrated optical systems with illumination. In 1971 Dr. Vorrath developed the original Voroscope and was the co-developer of the LumiView in 1993. His aim has always been to provide users with products which enhance their capability for examination, instrumentation, and procedures. Now over 95% of Australian ENT surgeons use the Vorotek O Scope.


    I am interested in purchasing the Vortek O scope. Which specific Kits do you carry and how much do they cost. Thank you for your time Peggy Hatzoulis Msc. RAUD


    Could you please share your price for the O scope? Thanks!!

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