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  • The Black & Black Vitruvian™ Infiltration Pump is now Health Canada approved!

    The Black & Black Vitruvian™ Infiltration Pump is now Health Canada approved! It has been well received by surgeons. The team has designed this pump to be state of the art technology to facilitate today’s more complex procedures. B89055 Variable Speed High Flow Infiltration Pump[...]

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    The Black and Black Vitruvian Ultimate Aspirator is now Health Canada licenced.

    The Black & Black Vitruvian™ Ultimate Aspirator B89025 has been designed from the ground up by product specialists and engineers with extensive backgrounds in the liposuction business. It has features that are important, as fat grafting is increasing, such as adjustable flow rates. [...]

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    VOROTEK™ is now available in Canada

    The high-quality VOROTEK™ products are now available in Canada. These include the VOROTEK™ LED Headlight, VOROTEK™ O-Scope, VOROTEK™ L-Scope. Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr. John Vorrath. For over forty years Dr. Vorrath has been developing and [...]

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