• Black & Black Surgical

  • BWMD is the first and only Canadian supplier today who now makes it possible to purchase plastic surgery instruments from Black & Black Surgical in Canada.

    Black & Black Surgical, Inc. was started in 2007 with the intention of restoring innovative, quality instrumentation to the plastic surgery instrument market. With over 90 years of combined surgical experience, brothers Norman and Bill Black and partner Mike Lacey are fulfilling a need overlooked by multibillion-dollar corporations: to work closely with surgeons to develop superior, procedure-specific instrumentation and equipment at a fair price.

    Black & Black market a vast array of German-made surgical instruments including Black Diamond™ Rasps, Supercut Scissors, their proprietary Onyx™ line with finely fused Micro-Onyx™ jaws, Tebbetts™ Monopolar Forceps, Tebbetts™ Fiber-Optic Retractors, Tebbetts™ Osteotomes, Gruber Rhinoplasty Retractors, D’Assumpcao Facelift Markers, Caplan Nasal Shears, Olsen-Hegar and Olsen-Webster needle-holder scissor combinations, Cinelli Osteotomes, Foster Gillies, Silver Osteotomes, Guyeron Punch, and a battery-powered LED headlight. Today Black & Black makes a complete line of microsurgical instruments including forceps, scissors, needle holders and vessel dilators.    

  • Black Diamondâ„¢ Rasps

    Our Black & Black Surgical's Black Diamond™ line uses an exceptionally hard, durable, medical grade carbide alloy that is non-magnetic and non-carcinogenic.

    The exclusive patented blend of tungsten carbide in the inserts of these specialty instruments creates an extremely hardened cutting edge, which not only delivers an unsurpassed clean and precise cut but also translates into reduced patient trauma. Because of the unique manufacturing process, these instruments maintain their sharpness longer than standard instruments, which yields a money-saving cost/use analysis.

    The weight and density of the advanced ergonomic styling create superior comfort in handling and enhanced mobility in performance. The select Black Diamond™ material blend is also non-magnetic with a lower porosity, allowing for more thorough and less potentially damaging sterilization. 

    The unique manufacturing, polishing, and sharpening technique set apart our rasps and osteotomes from competitors. Black & Black is pleased to offer a two-year warranty on the sharpness of their rasps and a one-year sharpness warranty on their osteotomes.