• ambIT® Infusion Pumps

  • BWMD is excited to bring the innovative ambIT® infusion pumps to Canada.  ambIT re-usable and single use devices are suitable for the delivery of medications and pain relief to enhance patients comfort and mobility.

  • ambIT® PreSet

    The ambIT® PreSet is the first ambulatory infusion pump with the ease of set-up and use of a mechanical pump yet with the accuracy and versatility of electronic technology.
    It has a very easy set-up:
    Step 1: Select one of four pre-set infusion protocols
    Step 2: Input the total volume of medication to be infused
    Step 3: Attach the medication bag and press “Start”

  • ambIT PCA

    ambit infusion pumps distributor canada

    The ambIT PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump provides a simple, accurate, cost-effective solution for all types of post-operative local anesthetic infusions.
    It is simple to program to provide to greater ease of use for clinicians, reduced patient training time, and add versatility to meet the patient’s pain management needs, as well as enhancing patient mobility, comfort, and recovery.

  • Download the ambIT App for iOS and ANDROID

  • Contact us today for the ordering details or any other questions you may have.